Pebco: The Best Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Apex recently started a relationship with Pebco to distribute their products. Pebco is a dry bulk material handling equipment manufacturer based out of Kentucky. They are known for their recognizable striking green colored equipment that has a reputation as being high-quality. Before selling any product to a customer, Pebco will test your material to ensure you are receiving the proper equipment for your application and media. Pebco has spent the last 4 decades establishing the best pieces of equipment for dry bulk solids so you can get the most out of your system.

Chutes & Spouts

Pebco Chutes & Spouts are designed for dust-free loading of dry bulk material. These are typically used for loading media onto tanker trucks, flatbeds, rail wagons, and other containers. All Pebco Chutes & Spouts are engineered for a heavy-duty and long-lasting performance at high capacity.


Diverters are designed to change the direction of the flow of material as it passes through. Different Diverters are made to change the media flow in different ways. If you don’t know exactly what you need, give Apex a call and we will work with Pebco to find the perfect solution for your application.

Fluidized Conveyors

Fluidized Conveying Equipment (commonly referred to as “air slides”) transports materials that can be fluidized by aeration such as cement, fly ash, alumina, etc. Once fluidized, these materials will flow steadily along a decline of approximately 8 degrees but vary depending on the product handled and flow rates required. Materials can be transported without the need for mechanical assistance.


Mass Flow Feeders are engineered to provide exceptional accuracy and uniformly load the belt on centerline every time, regardless of flow rate. Simple, reliable designs require little maintenance and provide more up time over the life of the system than any other feeder technology. By actively compensating for head load, moisture, product size, segregation, and demand, our feeder systems improve your ability to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of the process.

Slide Gates & Valves

Pebco’s product line of high-quality Slide Gates and Valves are uniquely designed to get the maximum productivity out of your system and are being built to withstand the test of time. These slide gates and valves are designed to best control the flow of materials at varying rates and in a wide range of environments. From single blade gates to dewatering gates and clamshell gates, Pebco has the perfect product for your job.

These Slide Gates can be fully customized to meet your needs. Actuation options are available on all models and additional features include externally accessible seals and blade supports.

More products are available! Apex can provide you with the entire Pebco line – arguably the best dry bulk material handling equipment. Are you interested in learning more about what Pebco has to offer? Click here or give us a call today! 763-777-9525

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