Barksdale Control Products
Pilot Operated Shear-Seal Directional Control Valve


Safely control hydraulic and pneumatic systems using reliable Barksdale valves

Duo Electronic Pressure Switch With I-O Link Option


Accurately monitor and control your hydraulic and pneumatic systems with pressure switches and transducers

Series 450X Barksdale Intelligent Transmitters

Sensors and Monitors

Programmable sensors monitor and report on your processes to ensure you're on track

Dual Ride Height Valve-Atlas Valve

Air Suspension Valves

Reliable control vehicle ride height and uptime using air suspension valves

1" Land Pressure Regulator


Barksdale regulators feature shear-seal for pressure sensitive applications

Local Mount Temperature Switches


Activate equipment based on precise heat sensing monitors and controllers

Multi-Level Switch


Accurately detect and control fluid levels using Barksdale level switches

SPD-100 Tachometer


Reliably monitor and control engines and pumps with Barksdale speed monitors and controllers