Heavy-Duty Extra-Tough Rotary Airlock valves

Rotary Airlock Valves

Rotary Airlock Valves separate pressure differential, sealing off airflow from a hobber, bin, or conveying line.

A-Series Double Flap Gate Airlock Valves 6

Flap Gate Valves

Flap Gate Valves are used in vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems to prevent airloss while performing functions.

Klean-In-Place II Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve Right

Sanitary Airlock Valves

Sanitary Airlock Valves are ideal for handling food-grade and pharmaceutical products

Dust-Tight Pneumatic Slide Gates

Slide Gates

Slide Gates are ideal for controlling dry bulk material in gravity flow, dilute phase or dense phase pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic Screw Pump

Pneumatic Screw Pumps

Pneumaitc Screw Pumps are designed to feed dry pulverized material into a pneumatic conveying line.

Vacuum Blower Packages

Blower Packages

Blower Packages provide pressure, vacuum, or a combination of both and designed for long service life

Gravity Diverter Valve

Gravity Diverters

Divert flows of free flowing materials with Gravity Diverters. Improve efficiency of material feeding and loading operations.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Systems

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems are the optimal solution for maintenance, cleaning, and production automation

Product Image for Gel Cap & Capsule Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying Systems are used to transport bulk solids through a pipe by using the flow of air or other gas

Quick-Clean Drawer Magnet

Gravity Magnetic Separators

Remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals from free flowing dry bulk materials

Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor

Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic Conveyors transport objects and materials effectively and with little maintenance

Eco-Mag Magnets

Magnetic Filtration

Magnetic Filtration involves powerful filter magnets that remove metal contaminations

Pneumatic Line Magnet

Pneumatic Magnetic Separation

Pneumatic magnets are designed to remove contaminants from product streams conveyed by air in horizontal or vertical processing transfer lines.

Intell-I-Mag Controller

Intell-I-Mag Controller monitors ferrous contamination of incoming ingredients and detects equipment malfunctions

Liquid Fingertrap Tube Magnet

Liquid Trap Magnets

Apex offers four different styles of Liquid Trap Magnets depending on your application

M-10 Electric Scrap Shaker

Electric Scrap Conveyors

Electric Scrap Conveyors remove contaminants using shaker technology

Magnetic Belt Feeder

Metal Sorting Systems

Separate metals from product steams using a variety of methods to meet your needs.

Stack Tracker

Automation & Workholding

Streamline your process with Automation and Workholding Magnetic Systems

CO680 Large Bag Metal Detector

Electronic Inspection

Metal Detectors, Checkweighers, and X-Ray systems to ensure your products are as pure as possible

Micro-Ingredient Volumetric Feeder for Very Low Feed Rates 170-MI-5

Volumetric Feeders

Accurately and dependably meter grandular and pelletized dry solid ingredients

Vibrating Bin Dischargers

Bin Dischargers

Bin Dischargers provide positive and uninterrupted flow (discharge) of an exceptionally wide variety of dry solid materials from storage

Double Concentric Auger Continuous Blender

Continuous Blenders

Continuously mix different materials with continuous blenders

Weight-Loss Weigh Feeders - Model 403

Weigh Feeders

Weight-Loss weigh feeders (gravimetric feeders) operate strictly on the basis of the loss of a specific amount of weight (product) in a specific amount of time

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulk Bag Unloaders provide a clean, efficient and effective means for discharging a wide assortment of dry solid materials contained within various size and type bulk bags

Dust Collectors & Bag Dump Stations

Dust Collector/Bag Dump Stations, offer a clean, safe, and efficient means of emptying the contents of bags into a storage hopper without dust escaping into the atmosphere

Volumetric Dry Chemical Feeders

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Acrison feeders accurately and reliably feed chemicals common to this industry, as well many other dry chemicals used in various treatment processes.

SBC-2000 Family of Controllers

Controllers & Control Systems

Controllers and Control Systems provide robust, highly accurate control of Acrison’s dry solids and liquid feeders

Vibratory Screeners & Separators

Our circular vibratory screeners are available in many sizes and configurations capable of processing varying capacities and carrying out either batch and continuous operations.

Centrifugal Sifters & Separators

Centrifugal Sifters & Separators

With a compact design, our range of centrifugal sifters and separators offer an economical option for screening powders or granular materials at the rate you require, on a batch or continuous basis.

Static Dewatering Sieves

Static Sieve Screeners and Separators

Industry-leading static sieve screeners and static sieve separators have been designed to offer consistent screening at high rates, while also taking up less floor space and being easy to maintain

Fluid Bed Continuous Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryers, Coolers, & Moisturizers

Our circular vibratory fluid bed batch dryers, coolers, and moisturizers are ideal for pilot plant testing and laboratory applications.

Size Reduction Screening Equipment

Size Reduction Screening Equipment

Material size reduction screening equipment is available in different arrangements and with multiple grinding media to offer a great deal of operational and process flexibility.

Double Cone Blender

Mixing and Blending Equipment

Mixing and blending equipment provides high-capacity gentle mixing and low-energy blending, providing accurate and cost-effective operations

Aero-Mechanical Conveyors

Unique Conveyors and Bins

Conveyors and Bins are designed to move bulk powders from source to the process. Unique systems to meet your unique plant needs

Solimar Silo Fluidizer


The Fluidizer line has grown to include options for food grade, chemical, high temperature and even metal detectable disks. Solimar Fluidizers are the standard by which others are measured.