Which Level Measuring Device Should I Use?

You can’t track what you don’t measure! No matter what size operation you have, you can save time and money by installing level instrumentation devices in our bins or silos. Level measurement devices can improve safety for your employees by reducing risk to those who normally would have to physically measure levels of bins and the obstacles they would face. They also improve accuracy and allow you to use these measurements to improve your material handling process efficiency. Interested in improving your process with level instruments? Then I bet you’re probably wondering which level measuring device you should be using. Let’s find out which one is best for you!

Point Level Measurement

Point level measurement instruments are simple tools that alert you of only 2 pieces of vital information:

  • When your level of material is high/at capacity and
  • When your level of material is low/needs to be refilled

Prevent material waste and process downtime with these user-friendly instruments. These instruments are typically tied to simple alarms that alert you when the media is at the specified levels. They can be used to measure solids or liquids, have a max process temperature of >302°F, and can be mounted on the top, side, or even outside of the vessel. UWT Level Control Instruments, available from Apex, offers these Point Level Measurement Instruments:

Continuous Level Measurement

Continuous Level Measurement instruments are exactly as the name suggests; they continuously measure levels of a bin/silo regardless of height of media. There are many reasons why you may want a constant measurement of your liquids or solids. The primary reason is how these levels affect other equipment in your automation process, particularly pumps. They also allow you to optimize and improve your efficiency.

These instruments are typically used in conjunction with interfaces or monitoring and visualization for full control in the automation process. They can be taught to recognize specific conditions or thresholds that then trigger actions, making your job even easier and improving accuracy. UWT offers the following Continuous Level Measurement instruments:

Interface Measurement (DP) Transmitters

Interface Measurement (or Differential Pressure Transmitters) are specialized instruments that are used for measuring two different media in one container or pipe. These instruments can accurately detect and monitor the transition point between two separate media, allowing you to accurately measure the volume of each. Prevent mixing, contamination, and ensure quality and safety with this information.

There are different methods for interface measurement, the choice of which depends on various factors, including the type of material, process conditions, accuracy requirements and cost. Interface measurement is of great importance in numerous industries such as chemicals, food production, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, and many others to operate processes efficiently and safely.

UWT offers a full variety of Interface Measurement instruments. Call Apex for more information: 763-777-9525

Inventory and Monitoring

Inventory and Monitoring interfaces are used in conjunction with the above level measurement technology so you can visually monitor levels in your containers. This visualization is key for the highest accuracy, efficiency improvement, and increasing safety. Choose between on-site displays and high-level control and data acquisition systems that allow for all the analytics you could ever need. Prevent overfilling or undersupply with even simple inventory management.

Adjust visualization to meet your needs. This includes digital displays, graphs, bar charts, computer screens with color changes in containers depending on your selected factors, and more. The goal is to make monitoring as clear and easy as possible for anyone.

Level measurement is a simple way for you to improve your plant’s performance and efficiency. Interested in adding these tools to your process? Contact Apex today for your quote!

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