JFER Series Electric Actuators


JFlow Controls offers a wide range of rack & pinion pneumatic actuators and electric actuators which can be accessorized to accomplish virtually any control requirement

JFS-210N Series Type 4 4X IP67 Limit Switches For General Locations

Automation Controls

JFlow offers a complete line of accessories for automated valves including positioners, limit switches solenoids and worm gears

CSA Series Sanitary Three Piece Ball Valve

Ball Valves

JFlow Controls offers a comprehensive range of ball valves that control flow direction and support a diverse range of system requirements

82 & 83 Series Double Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves

JFlow Controls is a proud manufacturer of butterfly valves, including high performance, resilient seated, triple-offset and cryogenic

DM9900F Series Segmented V-Port Control Valve

Control Valves

JFlow Controls offers a full range of control valves including globe single seated top guide valves, globe 3-way mixing, heavy duty cage balanced, direct mount segmented V, three piece and flanged control valves

MB2 3DT Series 2 Way 3 Valve Transmitter Direct Coupling Manifold

Instrumentation Hand Valves

JFlow Controls offers a range of needle and manifold instrumentation valves that is a safe and economical method of installation to control and measure pressure of liquids and gaseous media

DB5400 Series Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve

Specialty Valves

JFlow Controls offers a selection of niche specialty valves including check, choke, gate, globe and plug valves