KUB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc

Rupture Discs

Rupture discs are, next to safety valves, the most commonly used pressure protection devices in industrial plants. They protect vessels and pipelines from deformation and other damage.

Explosion Vents for High to Full Vacuum and Pressure Cycling

Explosion Vents

Should an explosion occur, an explosion vent will rupture and protect the vessel by reducing the overpressure within it and releasing the explosion into the surrounding environment in a controlled manner.

Explosion Door

Explosion Doors

Rembe explosion doors prevents post-explosion-fires by self-reclosing after the explosion pressure has been relieved, thus preventing the supply of oxygen to the air.

Flameless Venting

Flameless Venting

During flameless explosion venting, the flames are cooled rapidly and efficiently by the steel mesh of the flame absorber and extinguished immediately.

EXKOP System Explosion Isolation with Quench Valves

Explosion Isolation

The objective of explosion isolation or decoupling is to protect adjacent parts of the plant and prevent the explosion from propagating.

Ground Monitoring

Dangerous, charge-generating processes can therefore be stopped immediately with Ground Monitoring. Avoid ignition sources through permanent grounding monitoring!

Explosion Prevention Detectors HOTSPOT

Explosion Prevention Detectors

Alongside grounding monitoring systems and spark extinguishing systems, the new detectors of the GSME and HOTSPOT series make an enormous contribution to increasing explosion safety.