Starmotion Pigging System

Pigging systems allow the residual mass to be recovered in the production lines. The pigging solutions developed by Definox are modular and easily adaptable to all process types.


  • +95% of the product recovered
  • Hygienic solution, offering the cleaning of the pig
  • Low consumption energy
  • A return on investment of less than 1 year
  • Fast batch switch thanks to optimum availability of the lines
  • + product yield, – waste



Starmotion Pigging System Application Features:

From DN 25 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions

Respectful solution of the manufactured product

  • Adapted to fluids more or less viscous

Elastomer sealing

  • EPDM or FKM
  • Adapted to fluid with particles

2 stations, 3 configurations

  • Automatic in-line cleaning with 1 stop station and 1 in-line cleaning station
  • Automatic in-line cleaning with 2 in-line cleaning stations
  • Manual offline cleaning with 2 stop stations

Secured solution

  • Bayonet coupling securing the disassembly
  • Fixing clamp collar with safety sensors informing of the pig presence

Lip reversal system, as standard

  • Facilitating the pig movement
  • Limiting pig wear

Signal and control

  • From Sorio control top fitted onto push and blocking actuator
  • Pigging mode available in IO-Link version


  • Aseptic screw connection DIN 11864-1
  • Aseptic flange connection DIN 11864-2
  • Aseptic clamp connection DIN 11864-3