Specific Pigging System

According to production constraints and the nature of the product, bespoke pigging systems can be studied on demand. These specific solutions comply with the highest sanitary requirements.


  • Modular, customized solution
  • Hygienic design, with pig in-line cleaning
  • +95% recovered product


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Specific Pigging System Application Features:

Double walled configuration

  • Maintaining the process fluid at a temperature (cold or hot)

Numerous material for many applications

  • 254 SMO
  • AL-6XN
  • Uranus B6
  • Hastelloy C22
  • 904L

Double pigging configuration

  • Ensuring the distribution of a process fluid to several points
  • Guaranteeing a physical barrier between two different fluids
  • Allowing better management of process fluid changes in line

Elastomer sealing

  • Adapted to process fluids with particles

Explosive atmosphere

  • In-line cleaning and stop stations available in ATEX version

3A stations

  • Meeting 3A regulation