Explosion Vents for Zero to Low Negative Pressure

With the vent panel EGV HYP which is designed for production facilities with highly elevated hygienic requirements, REMBE® can provide safety and cleanliness. The innovative sealing concept of the EGV HYP can convince. Deposits and bacterial growth are permanently prevented. Direct mounting of the vent panel to round vessel forms is also possible due to pre-bending.


The EGV HYP was specially designed for hygienically demanding systems in the food and pharmaceutical industry and is often used in critical systems such as spray and fluid bed dryers.

The special feature: The patented, full-flat, chamfered gasket system has a flush internal sealing area with the vent panel and facilitates the avoidance of cross-contamination.



In case of a sudden pressure increase, the EGV HYP vent panel will open and release the pressure from the vessel.

Applications + Industries

  • Aspiration plants
  • Chemical – Petrochemical
  • Food Production
  • Mixers
  • Spray Dryers
  • Animal Feed Production


  • Hygienic design will continuously assure a high product quality
  • Protects against cross-contamination when changing products
  • Enables CIP cleaning
  • Increased service life of the vent panel under alternating temperature and pressure stresses through the integrated bionic structure
  • Reduces sound emissions (e.g. from hammers) at the venting channels.