DPAX DE Double Sealing Butterfly Valve

This valve associates two inter-flanged automatic butterfly valves connected by a sleeve serving as a chamber.


  • Low cost leak chamber valve
  • Fast assembly and disassembly
  • Non-contamination of a circuit by the other one
  • Chamber rinsing during cleaning phase


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DPAX DE Double Sealing Butterfly Valve Features:

From DN 25 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions

Compact flanges

  • Fast and simple disassembly

Use on numerous applications

  • EPDM
  • FKM
  • HNBR

Flow on line without retention

2 automated butterfly valves

  • Linked by a sleeve acting as a chamber

Leak microvalve

  • Enabling any fault on one of the valves to be visualized

Cleaning microvalve

  • Allowing the cleaning of the chamber