DCX3 DE Double Sealing Shut-Off Valve

The double sealing valve DCX3 DE can detect potential leaks between two isolated zones, thanks to an airlock system. It is an alternative to independent plug valves with a leakage chamber.


  • Hygienic design, with leak chamber
  • High resistance against expansion stresses
  • Physical break, no risk of contamination
  • Facilitated maintenance due to clamp subassembly
  • Optimum cleaning



DCX3 DE Double Sealing Shut-Off Valve Features:

From DN 51 to DN 104

  • SMS, DIN or US version

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Configurations available: L, T or cross body

One-piece mass-machined plug

  • Hygienic sturdy design avoiding risk of failure of unscrewing

PFA floating seal

  • Ensuring the cleaning all over the faces of the seal and the seal seat
  • Resistant against high temperature

Normally Open NO

  • Allowing detection of possible leak

Cleaning micro-valve, optional

  • Ensuring the cleaning of the leak chamber and indicator, valve closed

Dismantable actuator

  • Easily transformed Normally Open NO, Normally Closed NC, Double Acting DA

Leakage chamber

  • Avoiding risk of mixing between lower and upper lines
  • Allowing the release of overpressure under the plug

Piggable function, from cross body

  • Allowing the pigging of lower lines in manifolds