DCX4 DE Double Sealing Divert Valve

The double sealing valve DCX4 DE can detect potential leaks between two isolated zones, thanks to an airlock system. It is an alternative to independent plug valves with a leakage chamber.


  • Mixproof leak chamber valve, with hygienic design
  • Great resistance to expansion stresses
  • Physical barrier, without any risk of contamination
  • Facilitated maintenance
  • Optimum cleaning



DCX4 DE Double Sealing Divert Valve Features:

From DN 51 to DN 104

  • SMS, DIN or US version

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Configurations available: L, T, cross or half-cross body

One-piece plug mass-machined

  • Hygienic sturdy design avoiding any risk of breakage or unscrewing

PFA floating seal

  • Ensuring the cleaning over all faces of the plug.
  • Providing an excellent resistant to high temperature

NO leak indicator

  • Allowing the detection of a leak

Cleaning microvalve, optional

  • Ensuring the cleaning of the leak chamber and the leak indicator, valve closed

Dismantable actuator

  • Easily transformed: Normally Open NO, Normally Closed NC or Double Acting DA

Leak chamber

  • Avoiding risk of cross contamination between upper and lower lines.
  • Ensuring the release of overpressure under the plug