Improve Your Boiler Efficiency with Simple Measuring Tools

Boilers are used in a wide range of process industries. And many things factor into how efficient your boiler operates including energy costs, environmental regulations with low emission requirements, safety needs, and more.

Let’s learn more about how you can improve your efficiency using Tek-Trol instruments!

Drum Level Measurement

Drum Level Measurement system is widely used in process industries. The utilities to control the level of boiling water in boiler drums on process plants also provide a constant supply of steam. A drum level control system controls the level of the disturbances, level change, increase or decrease of steam, and feed water flow variations.

Feed Water Level Control Measurement

A feed water control system regularizes the water level in the boiler drum and adjust the steam flow and feed water flow. It provides a mass accounting system for steam leading and feed water entering the boiler. The feed water control system has three variants: a single element, two-element, and three-element feed water control system.

Steam Flow Measurement

Steam can be distributed mainly in two parts: statured and super-heated steam. Insufficient steam supply provides an incorrect process operation. It is necessary to measure steam in process instrumentation with appropriate boiler controls and continuous flow measurement. Tek-Trol full range of flow metering and monitoring solutions provide superior efficiency in steam measurement.

Combustion Control Measurement

A Boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated. The boiler control system means a balance of energy and mass. In most of the industries, many facts are depending on the boiler’s growth. Boiler control minimizes the excess air, blow-down, steam pressure in the process plant.

Exhaust Gas Analysis Measurement

Safety and thermal efficiency in field instrumentations. If the oxygen content is low, the combustion process increases emissions or a potentially hazardous combustible mixture, which is a risk for explosion. When there is a high oxygen content, it results in heat loss and possibly additional carryover that can foul tubes in the generating sections of the boiler

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