Thermal mass flow meter, also known as a thermal dispersion or immersible mass flow meters, are precision instruments used to measure the mass flow of fluid flowing in a closed channel like a pipe or a duct.

Tek-Thermal 1700B is specially designed for air and N2 (nitrogen) applications and measures the gas mass flow based on the thermal diffusion method. It has a more compact design and a thin insertion tube probe. It can be used on a pipe from 1″ to 20″. It is used in high-pressure applications.


  • Dual line LCD display with 3 setting button
  • No pressure loss and it can be used on pipes from 1″ to 20″
  • It has more compact design, which means smaller enclosure and thinner insertion tube probe
  • Measure mass flow and standard flow directly
  • It has self diagnostic function
  • It has high accuracy data acquisition circuit
  • High effective design of power supply
  • Wide Turndown ratio 100:1
  • Due to the thin diameter probe, it can be installed in pipe very easily and without stopping all the process
  • Cost-effective model