The BFM Fitting®: Flexible Connectors for Dry Bulk Material Handling

Where there is equipment, there are connections for them. The most common way you connect equipment to each other is through a standard fabric and hose clamp fitting. And while this method is viable, it is prone to wearing out quickly and is notoriously difficult to replace. BFM Fittings are cleaner, safer, and last much longer than the standard fabric and hose clamp fitting. And, if you ever do need to replace them, it can be done quickly and without tools.

What is a BFM Fitting®?

The BFM® Fitting is a flexible connector for dry bulk material handling engineered of specially contoured stainless-steel spigots with a snap-in, tool-free connector. These fittings can be made in a variety of materials to suit specific applications.

BFM® Fitting’s Flexible Connectors for Dry Bulk Features:

  • 100% sealed, no mess, no leaks.
  • Seals tighter under pressure.
  • No product build-up means better hygiene.
  • No tools required for fitting.
  • Snap-in design makes installation easy.
  • Standardized connector sizes mean you need to keep less stock.

Where are BFM® Fitting Connectors Used?

BFM® Fittings are used anywhere industrial equipment needs to connect as part of a manufacturing process. So, whether your factory needs to contain dust leaking from obsolete hose-clamp systems, or you require high quality sanitary, hygienic connections for the dairy or pharmaceutical industry, consider using a BFM® fitting on the following equipment:

  • Vibrating & oscillating sifters and screeners
  • Conveyors & Feeders
  • Fans
  • Baghouses
  • Silos
  • Cyclones
  • Blenders
  • Vibro tubes
  • Rotary valves

BFM® Fitting vs. Hose Clamps

Standard Hose-Clamped Flexible ConnectorsBFM® Fitting
HygieneHose clamps can leave product build-up between the flexible connector and the edge of the spigotNo crevices for product to get caught in
InstallationInaccurate measurements & product variations create ill-fitting connections. Installation problems due to variation in fabrication.Perfect fit every time – only in the correct place
StandardizationConnectors are made any sizes – thousands of stock variations possibleDiameters every 50mm from 100mm to 1,650mm. Lengths in 50mm increments standardize stock
Health & SafetyTools can damage connectors. Installers hands at risk.Tool free – snap fit. Hand safe assembly. Clean & transparent connector gives product flow visibility.
Explosion ResistantOverpressure causes hose clamp failure before connector failure.Seals tight under pressure. Independently explosion tested to 60 kPa+
DowntimeSlow and difficult to change. Longer plant downtime during CIP and maintenance. Connectors wear out faster.The fastest changeover in the industry guarantees minimal machine interruption. More durable connector means less changeovers.

Who uses BFM® Fitting Flexible Connectors for Dry Bulk?

BFM® connectors are trusted by the world’s largest chemical, food, and pharmaceutical companies to keep their manufacturing facilities dust-free and reduce downtime while improving health and safety.

Reduce downtime, save money, improve hygiene, and standardize parts by replacing the traditional hose and clamp system with the BFM® fitting connector and spigot system. Interested in learning more?

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