VEOX Double Independent Plugs Mixproof Valve

With no product loss on opening, the VEOX double independent plugs mixproof valve, integrates a physical break between 2 circuits. This technology allows for the visualization of possible leaks and the secure flow of 2 different fluids with no cross contamination. The plug lifting ensures complete cleaning without opening the valve.


  • Hygienic and secured design
  • Optimum cleaning thanks to plugs lifting
  • Lifting of the lower plug, less than 2 seconds
  • Flexibility of the fleet of valves installed thanks to modularity of upper plugs
  • Process lines more available
  • Maintenance costs under control
  • 30% reduction in product loss during plug lifting
  • Adapted for extreme operating conditions up to 13 bars
  • Optimization of the lines thanks to multi-size bodied and 3 bodies versions



VEOX Double Independent Plugs Mixproof Valve Features:

From DN 25 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions
  • DN 150, on request

22 body solid machined body configurations

  • Guaranteeing a high level of resistance to mechanical and thermal distortion

Multi size bodied version

  • Allowing the combination for 1 to 7 different diameters between the high and low lines
  • No risk of fragility

Piggable on lower line

  • Requesting a modification of the body and the lower plug

Sliding radial seal on the lower plug, with stainless steel insert

  • Pressure and temperature performances improved
  • Better seal stability, limiting its expansion

3 interchangeable sealing solutions for many applications

  • One-piece plug with PFA floating seal
  • Elastomer sealing : EPDM or FKM
  • PEEK plug

PEEK plug for extreme conditions

  • Withstand a pressure of up to 13 bar, even with high temperature
  • Continuous steam sterilization
  • Suitable for sticky products

Dismountable actuators

  • Ensuring immediate response (valve opening and upper plug movement)

No special tooling for maintenance

  • Under 2 minutes to disassemble the lower plug and replace the seal
  • Quick, simple servicing thanks to clamp collar

Solid machined counter balancer

  • Offering good resistance against water hammer
  • Cleaning of the outer face of counter balancer avoiding risk of contamination
  • No long-term clogging on sticky applications