Vertical Mixers

Industrial Vertical Mixers

Blending of free-flowing, heat-sensitive, and fragile materials

Kason’s industrial vertical mixers are designed to provide a rapid yet gentle blending of free-flowing, heat-sensitive, and fragile materials. Available in a range of abrasion-resistant, hard-working finishes, our vertical blenders and mixers are a cost-effective solution for many different applications.

Our Range of Vertical Blenders and Mixers

Kason manufactures an extensive range of vertical mixers that can gently mix and blend fragile materials, granules, and fine powders.Our vertical mixers and blenders can be manufactured in a range of finishes, such as carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. ATEX models are available for potentially explosive processing environments.

Vertical Mixer Features

  • Capacities ranging from 100 to 25,000 liters (3.5 to 90 cu ft)
  • Rapid mixing with fast and full discharge
  • High levels of abrasion resistance
  • High rates of mixing accuracy at working capacities ranging from 20% to 100%
  • Additional features such as air purge seals, variable speed drive, high-speed cutters, and heating/cooling jackets


Customizable Vertical Mixers

All our units can be customized with a range of value-added modifications.

  • Gentle mixing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Minimal wear from highly abrasive materials
  • Minimal risk of contamination in batch mixing
  • Accessible design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compliant with all US and international sanitary and industrial regulations