Quick-Clean Free-Flow Magnets

MPI’s exclusive Quick-Clean Free-Flow Cylinder Magnets are designed to capture both large and small tramp metal from high-volume, abrasive, vertical gravity-fed product streams such as grain and mining products. The FFC-QC Series magnets provide maximum ferrous tramp metal retention in product streams where “wash-off” is of concern.

  • Powerful Permanent Ceramic magnet material
  • FDA approved “O-Ring Cord” compression-style gasket which offers bullet-proof seal and virtually eliminates replacement
  • Removable stripper shell–provides three wear surfaces to handle abrasive products
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction
  • Heavy-duty hexagon-shaped magnet
  • Available in a “mini” design
  • Download Datasheet


How the Quick-Clean Free-Flow Magnets Works:

A powerful six-sided permanent magnet is located in the center of the stainless steel housing. As the product stream flows around the magnet through the housing, ferrous metals collect on the magnet’s surface. The six-sided magnet combines the advantages of both the plate and grate magnet designs into one.

Like a grate magnet, ferrous metals are directed to impact on the magnet to ensure their capture. The metal which is subject to product stream “wash-off” is held to the magnet surface and simply rotates around the magnet until it is out of the product flow area. Also like a plate magnet, each of the six magnet surfaces has a high “reach-out” magnetic field that is required to attract and retain large ferrous metals. The exclusive quick-clean stripper shell allows for easy removal of metal from the product stream to a disposable area outside the chute.

Quick-Clean Free-Flow Magnets Options:

  • Matching companion flanges supplied for quick and easy installation to existing chutes
  • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
  • Tramp metal collection tray
  • Automatic self-cleaning designs
  • Product flow inlet and outlet transitions