Automated Self-Clean Free-Flow Magnets

MPI’s exclusive Automated Self-Clean Free-Flow Cylinder Magnets are designed to capture both large and small tramp metal from high volume, vertical gravity-fed product streams. They are especially suited for abrasive grain or mining products. FFC-SC Series Magnets provide maximum ferrous tramp metal retention in product streams where “wash-off” is a concern.

  • 100% stainless steel housing
  • Heavy-duty hexagon shaped magnet
  • Removable magnet stripper shell–provides three wear surfaces to handle abrasive products
  • Pneumatically operated cleaning system
  • Safety guards, air filters and NEMA 1 construction standard
  • Available in a “mini” design
  • Download Datasheet


How Automated Self-Clean Free-Flow Magnets Work:

A powerful six-sided permanent magnet is located in the center of the stainless steel housing. As the product stream flows around the housing, ferrous metals collect on the magnet’s surface. The six-sided magnet combines the design advantages of both the plate and grate magnets into one.

Like a grate magnet, ferrous metals are directed to impact on the magnet surface to ensure their capture. Metal which is subject to product stream “wash-off” is held to the magnet’s surface and simply rotates around the magnet until it is out of the product flow area. Like a plate magnet, each of the six magnetic surfaces has a high “reach-out” magnetic field required to attract and retain large ferrous metal. The pneumatically operated stripper shell safely removes tramp metal from the product stream to a disposable area outside of the chute.

Automated Self-Clean Free-Flow Magnet Options:

  • Custom stainless steel construction
  • Tramp metal collection tray
  • Electrically operated cleaning system
  • NEMA 4 through 13 enclosures available
  • Product flow inlet and outlet transitions
  • Matching companion flanges for easy installation into existing chutes