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About UWT Level Measurement and Monitors

  • Founded in 1977: The UWT production facility is sited within the head office in Betzigau, Germany. Since UWT’s founding, they have expanded to additional production facility in Malta. Since then, UWT has grown to have dedicated sales offices in the US, UK, China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. Now, UWT is represented in more than 70 countries via a network of exclusive distribution partners.
  • “Solutions” Motto: The expert level measurement technology team at UWT is passionate about designing tailor-made solutions for customers. Their goal: to provide sustainable growth that will continue to add value for all customers.
  • Expert Knowledge: UWT only offers reliable, simple, and accurate level detection equipment. They provide a wide variety of equipment that is applicable for use in dry bulk solids, liquids, pastes, and foams. Unsure if your media will work with UWT equipment? Send in a test sample and we will work together to find equipment that works with your materials.

UWT Level Measurement and Monitoring Equipment

  • Rotary Paddle Level Switches
    • Rotary Paddle Level Sensors are used as a full, demand, or empty detector in storage silos or process vessels. With their simple electromechanical measuring principle, they can also be adpted to extreme process conditions. They are suitable for use in virtually all solids.
  • Vibration Level Switches
    • Vibrating Level Limit Switches are used as full, demand, or empty detectors in storage silos or process vessels. These Limit Switches are suitable for process temperature up to 150°C and process pressures up to 16 bar. Suitable for use in almost all media.
  • Capacitive Sensors
    • Capacitive Level Detectors do not require a metallic vessel wall for measurement. The two conductive electrodes required are completely integrated into the probe. This simplifies commissioning since no calibration is required after installation. Suitable for use in almost all media. Two versions are available: Point Level Capacitive Sensors and Continuous Level Capacitive Sensors.
  • Continuous Level Radar Sensors
    • Electromagnetic waves form the basis of level measurement with a radar. A radar sensor emits a focused electromagnetic wave that is reflected by objects as an echo. Then, it is evaluated by the sensor. Suitable for use in almost all media.
  • Point Level Plumb Bobs
    • Level determination with an electromechanical plumb bob sensor is one of the most customer-friendly technologies. This is due to its simplicity and comprehensibility. They are suitable for use in virtually all solids.
  • Inventory Monitoring and Visualization
    • The perfect addition to your level detectors! Inventory monitoring and visualization bring the levels to where the material planner, plant operator, or supplier need them. In the production area, in the office on the PC, on the road, on the cell phone, or at external locations. These monitors are for use with all UWT Level Detectors.

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