Boiler Room Equipment: From Top to Bottom

Apex’s Full Offering of Boiler Room Equipment

Whether you just need to replace a single steam trap or you are building a whole new boiler room; Apex has everything you need in one place!



Modular and Industrial Boilers

Industrial Boilers

Powermaster Industrial Boilers are safe, high efficiency boilers that offer extreme reliability and virtually last a lifetime. These boilers are crafed using world class technology so you know you are getting the best of the best. Learn More >

Modular Boilers

Miura Modular Boilers are your solution for reaching ultimate efficiency and sustainability goals. These unique boilers are safe, reliable, and energy efficient. Potentially reduce space requirements by half with their compact design. Learn More >


Boiler Room Services

Steam Trap Audits

Did you know that if your steam traps aren’t working properly you can potentially lose thousands of dollars a year just in lost steam? If you haven’t had your plant audited recently, set up your appointment today! We are able to audit your entire steam system and give your plant an accurate report of which steam traps are working properly and which ones should be replaced.  We will also evaluate your entire boiler room process and offer additional potential savings opportunities.


Additional Boiler Room Equipment

In addition to supplying full ready-to-install boiler systems, Apex also has a full offering of supportive boiler products. We only offer top-of-the-line products that will deliver you energy efficiency at a price you can afford.


Do you need to improve your energy efficiency? Do you want to save more money? Schedule a full boiler room survey today! Our team of experts will evaluate your entire process and find areas for improvement that can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars a year. Be the hero of your industry – call Apex today!


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