How does a disc trap work?

How does a disc trap work?

Have you ever wondered: how does a disc trap work? They are found in just about every plant in America, they are widely used across industries, but they are often the hardest to understand. First, let’s learn why engineers choose to use disc traps over other types of traps.

How Do Disc Traps Work?Disc Trap Advantages:

  • Rugged design and excellent for use with superheated steam
  • Operation is easy to check due to distinct cyclic operation
  • Single model operates over a wide pressure range in contrast to mechanical traps
  • Self-draining when mounted vertically to prevent freezing

Disc Trap Applications:

The primary use of the disc trap is for draining condensate formed in steam lines (drip applications) with pressures over 30 psig.

Disc Traps are normally not recommended on process applications because of their limited ability to purge air from the steam system which is required during start-up.

How Disc Traps Operate:

Watch this quick 3 minute video and learn how the oldest steam trap in the world works. Improve your understanding on how your disc traps are performing!

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