Ebro ViDOS – Vibrating Meter Feeding Device

The Ebro ViDOS is a wafer-type process metering feeding device that features a vibrator mounted on the lower shaft. The disc on the device is set into linear vibrations before opening to keep the product in motion thus reducing compression. The frequency is controlled via air pressure. The ViDOS can be used with semi-corrosive media.

Watch it in action! See below for a video of the ViDOS installed on a volumetric feeder.


  • Dosing and discharging of solid materials
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pneumatic materials handling technology
  • Power plant technology

Low Profile & Materials

The ViDOS features a low-profile design. That design allows it to be easily installed on a variety of dry bulk material handling equipment. The disc’s sealing surface is mirror polished with optional FDA or EC 1935/200. Also, it can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Control Panel

Combine the Ebro ViDOS feeder with a control panel for complete controllability across any desired feed range. Go from trickle mode to dump mode, and vice versa, in seconds. This is done using the disc angle and the vibrations that are all fully controlled using the control panel. This smart engineering allows for accuracy and repeatability.

Low Cost

Best of all, the ViDOS is offered at a low cost! Learn more – contact us today

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