Condensate, Steam, and Boiler Helpful Tools

Condensate, Steam, and Boiler Helpful Tools

Information is the key to getting the right product for the right application.  Whether you are planning on upgrading your current boiler to a more energy efficient model or just looking to do a little maintenance, it is important to know certain details of your current boiler system. Our team has compiled some of the more frequently used conversions, formulas, and terms to make your job as easy as possible. See below for a list of condensate, steam, and boiler helpful tools to make your job more efficient. Additionally, you can contact our team and we will figure out these calculations for you!


Frequently Used Boiler Formulas


Heating Water with Steam Using a Steam-to-Water Heat Exchanger

Heating Air with Steam Coils

Using Steam to Heat Water

Conversion Tools


Boiler Horsepower:

1 BHP = 33,472 BTU/Hr

1 BHP = 34.5 Lbs/Hr Steam

1 BHP = 0.07 GPM Water

1 HP = 746 Watts

1 BTU/Hr = 0.29 Watts

1 Watt = 3.45 BTU/Hr ≈ 9.7 kW/BHP

Fuel Flow for 100HP Boiler:

Natural Gas = 4,200 CFH

Propane = 1,750 CFH/45 GPH

#2 Oil = 30 GPH

#5 Oil = 28 GPH

#6 Oil = 27.5 GPH

Pressure and Flow:

1 atm (Atmospheric Pressure) = 14.7 PSI

1 Lbs/Sq In = 2.04 In Hg @ 62°F = 2.31 Ft Water @ 62°F

PSIA = PSIG – 14.7

G/Cm² = Sp. Gr. (Specific Gravity)

1 GPM = 0.143 Cu Ft/Min (CFM) = 500 Lbs/Hr x Sp. Gr.

1 Cu Ft/Min (CFM) = 448.8 Gal/Hr (GPH)

1 Centipoise = 2.42 Lbs/Ft Hr

1 Lbs/Ft Sec = 1488 Centipoises = 3600 Lbs/Ft Hr

Work and Power:

1 HP = 0.745 kW = 42.4 BTU/Min = 2544 BTU/Hr = 33,000 Ft Lbs/Min

1 Boiler HP (BHP) = 33,475 BTU/Hr

1 kW = 1000 Watts (W) = 1.341 HP = 56.88 BTU/Min = 3413 BTU/Hr

1 kW HR = 1000 Watt HR = 3413 BTU

1 BTU = 0.029 kW Hr = 778 Ft Lbs = 0.555 pcu. (lb C)

27.7″ Water = 1 PSI

Glossary of Boiler Terms

  • Fire Tube Boiler: A boiler in which water surrounds the tube through which hot gases pass from the furnace to the stack. Usually used to heat buildings and provide power for processes
  • Water Tube Boiler: Used to create super-heated steam used for steam turbine power generators and process industries. This is a boiler in which water circulates in tubes heated externally by fire.
  • Condensing Boiler: A water heater that is fueled by gas or oil. Provides heat while saving energy over a traditional boiler
  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASME BPVC: American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards that regulate design and construction of boilers and pressure vessels
  • Deaerator (DA): Mechanical devices that remove dissolved gases from boiler feed
  • Turn-Down: Ratio between boiler’s maximum and minimum output
  • Economizer: Heat exchanger installed on the stack of a boiler. AKA flue gas heat recovery unit
  • MAP: Maximum Allowable Pressure
  • MWP: Maximum Working Pressure
  • R-Stamp: The firm that completes any repair to a pressure vessel must hold a valid certificate of authorization to use the copyright-protected repair symbol of the National Board. Simply put, this is commonly referred to as an “R”- Stamp. The R-Stamp may authorize repairs to be made at the repair firm, field location, or both. Learn more about the R-Stamp.


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