Brewery Sanitary Equipment Case Study

Brewery Sanitary Equipment Case Study

Sanitary Case Study 1: 

Cold Spring Brewing in central Minnesota utilizes many Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers in their brewing process.

Problem:  There was a constant leak on their Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers.

Solution: Apex brought in the Plate and Frame Service Crew. They tore apart the Plate and Frames, re-gasket them, inspected them for leaks, and reinstalled them per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Results: The inspected Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers do not leak. They have worked well for the customer for years. This quick process has saved them time, money, maintenance, and stress.


Sanitary Case Study 2: 

A plant that was established years ago had not updated their sanitary process in years.

Problem: This plant utilized a CIP (clean in place) process when it was first established. However, the clean in place process was inefficient. This is due to the equipment that was available at the time. Their current process involved a large CIP manifold that would make connections between one pipe and another using 180° U Bend. This pipeline layout was fairly typical for the time. This outdated process involved lots of manual labor and only allowed you to clean one line at a time.

Solution: After analyzing their process, our team decided to update their current CIP process model with Definox valves. The Definox Mix-Proof Valves allow multiple lines to be cleaned at the same time while still running product to the various parts of the plant. Additionally, Pigging Systems were installed at various stages of the process. Learn more about how Pigging Systems work and why you may need one in your process.

Results: Mix-proof valves saved this plant enormous amounts of time, labor, and product. Combining mix-proof valves with a sanitary pigging system allowed the plant to maximize their product production and uptime.


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