The Definox Difference

Optimize Your Sanitary Process And Increase Productivity With Definox

Consumer health is fundamental for each of us. Regulations are becoming more stringent. Definox valves and seals have been designed to ensure customer peace of mind in terms of cleanability, hygiene, and compatibility with your products and processes.

The Definox Difference

Definox valves allow you to comply with today’s standards and sanitary demands. You can instantly save costs by recovering 95% of process fluids.

All Definox valves are available from Apex.

Suitable Applications: food industry, baby food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and cleaning products.

TCO : What is it?

Total Cost of Ownership is an estimation of the purchase value of a product throughout its life cycle. A product is not worth just the purchase price or its action. Additional costs should be considered in order to obtain its real amount.

Reparability : Acting on product maintainability

Definox prescribes to the concept of entirely maintainable valves. It guides the design of our solutions and influences the choices of industrial processes for making components that are in contact with process flows. This principle positively impacts 2 aspects:

  • A TCO the most advantageous on the market with a fair repair cost (30% maximum of the price of the valve.)
  • Spread out interventions and fast maintenance operations thanks to the valve design (easy dismantling, maintenance recommended every 5 years for an actuator, in depending on the type of flow process, cleaning and servicing conditions.)

Residual value: Acting on the product life span

  • Thanks to the interchangeability of their components, Definox is able to offer you advantageous exclusive service. This contributes to a long-life span for your equipment.
  •  The Reparation by rotation ensures expert management of your valves. Your equipment is refurbished to new condition in our workshops, without interruptions to production.
  • Retrofitting the valves and sets of installed valves allows you to benefit from the latest technology and guarantees an optimized operation of your processes. The new generation of the Sorio control top adapts to all generations of Definox valves, as well as other valves on the market

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