Learn How You Can Replace Your Boiler For Free

Replace Your Boiler For Free

Do you have an existing steam boiler? How old is it? When was the last time you looked around at boiler technology to see what is the most efficient available?

Well look no further, Miura boilers are the most efficient – So efficient that they qualify for Property Assessed Clean Energy.

What is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)?

PACE is a federal program aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the American Manufacturer and American Business. As everyone knows, replacing a boiler in a plant is a major undertaking with large costs for engineering, construction, and for capital equipment. PACE understands these challenges and offers upfront financing with zero money down to cover these projects.

Commercial building owners spend $200 billion per year on utilities, yet 30% of this is waste. The energy projects that could make these properties efficient often require significant up-front capital and take years to achieve profitability. Commercial loans typically have a tenor of 3-5 years, making the annual repayment greater than the energy savings. PACE changes all this by allowing property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects via a property tax special assessment.

Miura is the only boiler that can be approved for PACE financing. No other boiler can offer as much efficienty gains with as quick of a payback!

For example: In a case study, Miura boilers were brought in to replace an old 1500hp firetube boiler. The customer was spending approximately $3,300,000 in natural gas annually. They are now spending less than $2,750,000 annually – that is a savings of $550,000 annually. Their total PACE financed project was just over $3,000,000 total. That means, in under 6 years, they will have completely paid back their financing!

*With zero money down, you can install a brand new boiler room with all new controls, water treatment, DA tank, etc. and it will actually save you more money on gas conumption than the loan will cost you annually!

That means you replace your boiler for FREE!

We will come in and take stock of your situation and get you in touch with a PACE certified energy engineer who can run all of the calculations. Our team will detail out a proposal that will show you the cost of the project and the payback calculator. Don’t spend another year throwing money away!

Call Apex to get your PACE assessment started.

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