Z47M High Temperature Floating Ball Valve

  • Stainless Steel, alloys, Carbon Steel – selected to meet temperature and application. ASME B16.34 listed cast or forged material for the valve body and ends.
  • Surface treatments & coatings – LTPN, HVOF Cr₃ C₂ (Chromium Carbide), HVOF WC-Co (Tungsten Carbide) and Stellite.
Robust design:
  • Pressure containing parts are in compliance with ASME B16.34 (with modifications for some series).
  • Leak rate to EN12266-1 Rate B (factory tested) is achieved by accurate grinding and lapping processes.
  • Constant preloading of ball/seats set obtained by Inconel 718 Belleville spring.
Pressure tested:
  • Designs are burst proof tested for 4 times the maximal working pressure.
  • Designed and tested per testing & acceptance criteria ANSI/FCI 70-2.


Size Range: 1/4″ to 8″ (DN8 – DN200)

Pressure Range: Class 600

Temperature Ratings: -76°F to 1,200°F

Design Features

  • -60°C to 650°C (-76°F to 1200°F) only with body & ends material code H/J V-ball or Shaped seat (V or slot) for control applications
  • Standard or full port design
    • Forged or cast
  • ANSI B16.34 Class 900 (wall thickness)
    • Size ¼”-2” (DN8-DN50)
  • ANSI B16.34 Class 400 (wall thickness)
    • Size 2 ½”-6” (DN65-DN150)