W.E.A.R. Valve

The Meyer W.E.A.R. (Wear Elimination & Abrasion Reduction) Valve provides the ultimate package for your abrasive material build-up applications. The W.E.A.R. valve internals are coated with a variety of wear-resistant coatings specifically matched for the materials conveyed. Housing coating options include Heavy Chrome, Diamond Chrome, Ceramic, and Chrome Carbide along with all White Iron cast designs.

The rotor is a closed-end type and typically hard-faced on all tip contact areas with Stellite™ and precision ground. The shaft packing area is purged through a lantern ring design for optimal life.

The unique design injects clean air between the headplate and the closed-end rotor. Conveying air is diverted to each headplate cavity via an engineered orifice plate. This keeps the product from accumulating on the headplate interior surface area and secondly flushes material from between the closed-end shroud area and headplate. The air is then re-introduced with the material back into the conveying system.

The W.E.A.R. valves are available in sizes 6 through 14 with square or round housings to match most collector discharge flanges.


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  • Pressure Rating: Up to 15 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 500°F
  • Materials: Abrasive or Hygroscopic


Conveying Systems, Dust Collection


Asphalt, Cement, Mining, Power, Chemical


  • Eliminates common abrasive wear, lower maintenance costs
  • Durability in highly abrasive environments
  • Reduced product loss
  • Headplate protection from abrasive material
  • Extends overall valve life