Vertical Condensate Coolers

The VCC Series are installed to reduce condensate temperature to acceptable limits when the condensate is to be discharged to drain. Cooling water is connected to the inlet of the included temperature regulating valve to maintain the desired condensate outlet temperature. All units are vented to atmosphere to ensure any flash steam is properly relieved. A steam trap is included on the drain to eliminate the possibility of steam discharge.

ModelTank DiameterSizeTypeMax PMO (psig)Total Load (lbs/hr)
VCC-6-18-F1506"2-1/2"150# FLG1502063
VCC-8-20-F1508"4"150# FLG1504000
VCC-12-21-F15012"5"150# FLG1509000
VCC-16-22-F15016"6"150# FLG15019700


How to Size/Order

Use the Capacity Table to determine the proper tank diameter based on the incoming Condensate Load in lbs/hr. See note regarding base conditions for Condensate and Cooling Water temperatures. Consult factory for sizing with alternate conditions.


  • Condensate Load: 8,000 lbs/hr
  • Condensate Temperature Incoming: 210ºF
  • Condensate Temperature Leaving: 140ºF
  • Cooling Water Temp: 60ºF


  • Based on 8000 lbs/hr at standard conditions
  • Therefore Choose: 16” Condensate Cooler
  • Model Code: VCC-16-22-F150