Blowdown Separators

The BDS Series Blowdown Separators are designed to safely separate hot water and the flash steam generated from boilers during blowdown. The vessel is designed to equalize to atmospheric pressure for disposal of the flash and hot water. Stainless steel strike plate and internal steel baffles direct the flow cyclonically for efficient separation. Optional aftercooler packages with temperature regulator available to temper condensate prior to discharge in municipal sewer.

ModelTank DiameterInlet Pipe SizeOutlet Pipe SizeLengthCapacity (lbs/hr)Flash (lbs/hr)


How to Size/Order

Size standard 150 psig units to match BDS Inlet Size to boiler blowdown valve size. Use the Capacity Table to confirm Blowdown Condensate load is not exceeded. See note regarding base conditions for Boiler Pressure, Blowdown Water Flow and Cooling Water temperature. Consult factory for sizing with alternate conditions.

Boiler Operating Pressure: 150 psig
Blowdown Valve Size: 1-1/2″
Blowdown Condensate Load: 37,500 lbs/hr

Actual Load does not exceed Capacity Table for 1-1/2″ Inlet Connection
Therefore Choose: 16” Condensate Cooler with 1-1/2″ Inlet
Model Code: BDS-16-F150