VEOX FC Tank Bottom Double Independent Plugs Mixproof Valve

The double independent plugs tank bottom mixproof valve isolates the tank from the flow circuit. Visualization of the leak is assured by a fixed leak outlet. It integrates a physical cutoff between the 2 circuits and authorizes the crossing of two different fluids.


  • Secured and hygienic design
  • Maintenance costs under control
  • PEEK version, adapted for extreme conditions up to 13 bars
  • Lifting of the lower plug, less than 2 seconds
  • Optimum cleaning thanks to plug lifting, without opening the valve
  • Fast installation on the tank



VEOX FC Tank Bottom Double Independent Plugs Mixproof Valve Application Features:

From DN 38 to DN 150

  • SMS, DIN or US versions

One-piece plug and body machined

  • L or T body guaranteeing a very high resistance to mechanical and thermal deformations
  • Shape of the body ensuring a seal as close as possible to the wall of the tank

360° welding flange

  • Without orientation constraint

Sliding radial seal on the lower plug, with stainless steel insert

  • Pressure and temperature performances improved
  • Better seal stability, limiting its expansion

PFA floating seal

  • Excellent cleaning by circulating cleaning fluid over all faces of the seal.
  • High resistance to aggressive chemical products and to high temperatures

Elastomer sealing

  • EPDM or FKM
  • Adapted to process fluid containing particles

Dismountable actuators

  • Ensuring immediate response (valve opening and upper plug movement)

No special tooling for maintenance

  • Under 2 minutes to disassembly the lower plug and replace the seal
  • Quick, simple servicing thanks to clamp collar

Solid machined counter-balancer

  • Offering good resistance against water Hammer
  • Cleaning of the outer face of counter balancer avoiding long-term clogging on sticky applications