Vacuum Conveyor Tube Hopper

The Vacuum Conveyor Tube Hopper is a Straight-Sided Hopper for fast efficient handling of dry materials in a vacuum system. This model is especially suited for non-free flowing materials.

The straight wall configuration terminates in an automatic discharge valve the same size as the tube. This permits rapid passage of even the most difficult to handle non-free flowing material.

With extremely short discharge cycle, conveying is virtually continuous, speeding loading or batch transfer.

With no angular surfaces where material can bridge or hang up, discharge is positive and normally does not require auxiliary vibration or agitation.

The conveying operation is quiet, even with tough materials.




  • Materials: Non-Free Flowing Materials with Rapid Discharge Rates
  • Construction: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
  • Approval: Standard or Sanitary Construction Available
  • Power: Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps, Regenerative Blowers, or Vac-U-Max exclusive Air-Operated Venturi Units