Large Diameter Vacuum Receivers

The VAC-U-MAX Large diameter vacuum receiver range in size from 10 cubic foot in capacity to 500 cubic foot. Standard sizes are 30” diameter, 36” diameter and 48” diameter. These are custom made vacuum receivers built specifically for your application to maximize convey rate, filter area, batch size just to name a few. Constructed in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

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The Large Diameter Vacuum Receivers offer one of the most versatile systems in vacuum conveying.

Many configurations are available including batch weighing, explosion vents for explosive materials, rotary discharge valves, and large multi filter arrangements offering up to 100 square feet of filter.

Other standard features include steep 70 degree cone, full opening or butterfly discharge valves, removable material inlets, vibrator mount, rim out design offers no glued in gaskets and a suspension frame for easy installation.

Available in Carbon Steel and 304 Stainless Steel and also in USDA Accepted “Sanitary” construction.