Vacuum Breakers

The WVBSS Series Vacuum Breaker is used on heat exchangers, air coils, jacketed kettles, pressing machines, boiler feed water tanks, sparge system, water line or anywhere else an unwanted vacuum can occur. It is a very important item in any steam system as it allows for the proper drainage of condensate by releasing or “breaking” vacuums that may be formed during steam condensation. It is also important to use on a tank when liquid is being pumped out. An unwanted vacuum can stop the pumping action as well as collapse a tank.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Small and compact

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)
I&M (pdf)


Vacuum Breakers functions like a simple check valve. Outside air is allowed to enter the system through the air inlet. However, when steam or water try to escape, the vacuum breaker closes off tightly.