AV2000 Air Vent

The AV2000 Series (Thermostatic air vents) are used on industrial steam applications up to 650 PSIG for the removal of air and non-condensable gases from process equipment, vessels and piping. The air vent should be located at a high point in the system or vessel and can be installed in any orientation.

  • Welded stainless steel thermal element
  • Hardened stainless steel seat and valve plugs for extended service life
  • Integral strainer to protect from contamination
  • Steam pressures up to 650 PSIG
  • Special Subcool Options Available

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)
I&M (pdf)
Condensed I&M (pdf)

ModelSizeTypeOrifice SizeMax PMO (psig)Capacities (SCFM)Weight (lbs)


The thermostatic air vent contains a welded stainless steel thermal element that expands when heated and contracts when cooled. When air and non-condensable gases are present, the valve is in the open discharge position. When steam reaches the air vent, the element expands and closes the valve off tightly.

Air Vents are installed at the end of steam mains as well as other high points in the system. The Air-Vent reacts to temperature changes and is OPEN when cooler air is present and CLOSED when hot steam enters the system.