USIB450 Inverted Bucket Trap Modules

The USIB450 inverted bucket steam trap modules must be mounted to a universal connector. They are typically used for drip applications such as draining condensate from steam mains or steam supply lines as well as for steam tracing applications. USIB450H is the higher capacity model. Steam trap modules can be used with other manufacturers’ Universal Connectors. See installation and Maintenance regarding using trap in superheated applications.

  • Trap module can be easily removed and replaced in minutes without having to disconnect any piping
  • Hardened stainless steel valves and seat
  • Freeze resistant
  • Connectors available with integral strainers and blowdown valves
  • 360º swivel design for convenient installation

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USIB450 Inverted Bucket Trap Modules must be mounted to a Universal Connector. They are typically used for:

  • Drip Applications
  • Draining Condensate from Steam Mains
  • Draining Condensate from Steam Supply Lines
  • Steam Tracing Applications

USIB450H has a higher capacity for a particular orifice size than USIB450.

The UC450 universal connector is permanently installed into the pipeline where the steam trap would normally be placed. The trap module, which functions like any standard inverted bucket steam trap, is fastened to the universal connector with two bolts. When a new trap module is needed, it can be easily removed and replaced with a standard open-end or socket wrench without disturbing the existing piping.
Universal Connectors are available with an integral strainer and blowdown valve. Connector is purchased separately.