TSP Trip Stop Pilots

The Trip Stop Pilot is designed to prevent over pressurization of downstream steam piping systems. The Pilot installs on a standard HD Regualtor and senses the downstream pressure. If the pressure were to increase above the set point pressure then the pilot will trip. When the pilot trips it releases a manually resettable handle and releases the diaphragm pressure on the main HD valve. Loss of pressure under the HD diaphragm closes the valve to eliminate downstream steam flow. Once the pressure downstream is below the set point, then the pilot may be manually reset.
  • The TSP-Trip Stop Pressure Pilot is used to protect downstream steam pressure from over pressurizing
  • Accuracy to within ±2 PSI
  • 3 overlapping spring ranges to choose from
  • Pilot is installed using 1/4″ NPT Connection
  • Solid floating diaphragm
  • Watson McDaniel’s pilots can be used with other manufacturers’ regulators

Catalog Specification Sheet

ModelReduced Pressure Range (psig)Spring ColorBody Material
TSP-Y25 - MarYellowCast Steel
TSP-Bf20 - 100BlueCast Steel
TSP-R80-200RedCast Steel


The TSP Trip Stop Pilots are used to prevent over-pressurization of downstream steam piping systems. The TSP is typically installed on an HD regulator downstream of the main Pressure Reducing HD. Typical applications are when piping code allows for an alternative to a safety valve discharging to atmosphere.

TSP Trip Stop Pilots

  • Specify: Trip Set Pressure (Factory Set)
  • Example: TSP-B-040 – TSP Pilot with 40 PSIG Set Pressure

Regulator Body

  • Specify: HD Regular Body, Regulator Size or Capacity, End Connections (Threaded, 150/300# Flanged)