PS Series Solenoid Pilots

Typically used for automatic operation, remote control, programmed cycling, sequential function interlocks with other equipment, and emergency shut-off in case of power failure.

  • Available normally opened (NO) or normally closed (NC)
  • Full-port strainer and blow-down valve on pilot adapter to eliminate failure caused by contaminated steam systems
  • Multiple Styles Available – Call Apex for More Information

Catalog Specification Sheet


I&M – Quick Install


PS Series Solenoid Pilots can be used in conjunction with Pressure, Temperature, or Air Pilots to electrically control on/off operation of the HD Regulator. When the solenoid pilot is used, the regulator can be turned on or off by electrically activating or de-activating the solenoid.

Normally Closed (NC) – Standard
The normally CLOSED Solenoid Pilot remains closed in the non-activated state. The regulating valve will remain closed until an electrical signal is sent to the solenoid pilot. The signal is required to allow the regulator to operate. This is known as a fail-safe condition.

Normally Open (NO) – Optional
The normally OPENED Solenoid Pilot remains open in the non-activated state. The regulating valve will function normally unless an electrical signal is used to shut off the solenoid pilot.