The Reverse Acting Rupture Disc IKB® with Patented Manufacturing Process


Suitable for a wide range of process conditions, the IKB® is a cost- effective, reverse acting rupture disc that is suitable for a variety of applications. A truly versatile solution to meet the needs of your entire plant, the IKB® was specifically designed to provide reliable protection against overpressure across an extensive range of  industries in equipment such as pressure vessels, piping systems, gas cylinders and reactors among others.

The IKB® is the only reverse acting rupture disc to be manufactured using REMBE®’s unique Contour Precision Lasering™ (CPL™)  Technology ensuring high quality, accurate burst control even in the harshest of environments. Unexpected problems can cause costly downtime, CPL™ eliminates common industry concerns associated with mechanically scored discs such as premature failure, corrosion on the score-line or pin holing. Precision sublimated along the periphery for full-bore opening, the IKB® is a fragmentation-free rupture disc design that boasts a 95%1 operating ratio and excels in demanding, high-cycling applications providing a long life solution for your plant.

Your advantages

  • Superior performance with cost-effective pricing – ideal for new installations and change-outs where both high quality and price are a key requirement
  • Reduce safety valve expenditure – using the IKB® for valve isolation enables the pressure relief valve to be sourced in more economical materials as the valve is not in contact with the process medium during normal operation
  • Manufactured with unique Contour Precision Lasering™ (CPL™) – Reduces downtime caused by premature failure, corrosion or pin-holing
  • Torque-independent design – no special installation tools required meaning disc is less prone to installation damage for maximum uptime
  • Compatible with a wide range of process conditions – one disc type suitable for many installation points, reduces training and simplifies purchasing

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Works Certificate

PED ASME KOSHA (South Korea) CML (China) TR CU (Russia)