The Tek-Sub 4800B Submersible Level Transmitter has a high-precision piezo-resistive silicon sensor enclosed in stainless steel housing that offers accurate and reliable level measurement in wide applications. The device is equipped with a ventilation tube that automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the tank. It is manufactured to provide lightning and surge protection to stand up in extreme conditions. The device has no moving parts and offers long-term service with virtually no maintenance required.

The Tek-Sub 4800B is supplied with a DC 12 – 36 V power supply and provides an output signal of 4 – 20 mA, 0.5-4.5 DC or RS-485.


  • Standard submersible model
  • Piezo-resistive pressure sensor in Stainless Steel housing
  • Excellent performance in challenging environment
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Vented to atmosphere for pressure reference
  • Measuring pressure ranges from 5 psig to 20 psig
  • Accuracy ±0.5% F.S.
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