Tek-Manifold 7500A Series Manifold

Tek-Trol’s Tek-Manifold 7500A is available in 3 variants i.e. the 2-Way manifold valve, the 3-Way manifold valve, and the 5-Way manifold valve.

The 2-Way manifolds are designed for static pressure and liquid level applications, the 3 and 5-Way manifolds are designed for Differential Pressure applications. These manifolds are available in traditional and compact body designs. These Manifolds are designed to work under the pressure of 6000 PSI (413 Bar) and are available in PTFE packing for normal temperature.


  • Available with flanged or threaded process connections.
  • Max. working pressure of 10000psi.
  • Hydrostatic tested to 18000psi.
  • All the valves are 100% factory tested.
  • All 316SS and PTFE wetted materials.
  • Metal to metal bonnet seal.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Designed for repeated on/off cycles.
  • Bubble tight seal.
  • Rising Stem.
  • Markets