The Tek-Bar 3120A Explosion-Proof Gauge Pressure Transmitter has excellent stability, high accuracy, and includes features that facilitate easy installation, startup, and minimum maintenance thereby lowering process downtime and overall cost of ownership in the long run. These transmitters are equipped with an automatic temperature compensation function integrated into its advanced signal processing circuitry to ensure high reliability and performance corresponding to change of ambient temperature. Tek-Bar 3120A-G uses piezo-electric pressure transducer to measure gauge pressure.


  • Operator can calibrate device using zero/span button, no handheld calibrator required
  • Digital communication HART® protocol
  • Fail-safe mode process function for detecting any abnormal condition occurred
  • High accuracy up to ±0.075%
  • Automatic ambient temperature compensation improves performance of device
  • It can be used as a flow meter and should be installed vertically without using additional flanges
  • Various Output: 4-20 mA, digital signals
  • The mounting bracket can be rotated up to 360º and LCD display up to 270º
  • EEPROM write protection
  • UL Approval-USA  Telemetering Equipment For Use In Hazardous Locations
  • UL Approval-Canada  Telemetering Equipment for use in hazardous locations for Canada
  • DoC Certificate