Split Body Butterfly Valve

  • The Elite Valve Split Body Butterfly Valve is available with both wafer and lug style bodies. Standard materials of construction for the body are epoxy coated ductile iron and CF8M (316 SS) steel.
  • This valve is ideally suited for industrial applications, specifically processes with strong chemical compositions. Both body and disc are carefully manufactured through castings, final machined to tight tolerances.
  • Lug style body provides a drip tight dead-end service. These Split Body Butterfly Valves also, provide excellent proportion control.
  • The unique shape of the interface between the disc and seat provides a long-lasting, tight seal that self-adjusts through the use of spring washers as the components wear. This live-loaded, self-adjusting seal provides superior life expectancy, increasing the time between maintenance. There are no encapsulated elastomer O-rings to swell, or metal hoops to corrode.
  • Installation is simple and mistake proof. The seat is field replaceable, saving time and money in expensive repairs.
  • The disc material comes standard as a high polish CF8M (316 SS). The upper and lower stems are fully welded to the disc then machined to size. The crevice-free assembly ensures a long life free from corrosion.
  • Elite Valve offers a wide range of actuator options, including lever, gear, nut, pneumatic, and electric. We also offer associated accessories such as pressure regulators and positioners.


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