SFP600-LF 2-Piece Lead-Free Brass Ball Valve

Delivering a lead-free brass ball valve, that is both long-lasting and cost effective, Elite Valve manufactures solutions that are best suited for industrial and commercial use. Perfect for liquid, gas, steam and water applications, Elite Valve’s 2-piece lead-free brass ball valve will withstand the harshest of operating conditions and service environments.

Features Include:

  • Full port
  • Lead-Free
  • 600 PSI Non-Shock Cold Working Pressure (CWP)

End Connection:

  • Soldered

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Conforms to:

  • MSS SP-110

cUL Approval:

  • Manual Valves (300 PSI)
  • LP Gas Shut‐off Valves (300 PSI)
  • Gas Shut‐off Valves (300 PSI)
  • Flammable Liquid Shut‐off Valves (300 PSI)
  • Compressed Gas Shut‐off Valves (300 PSI)
  • Trim and Drain (300 PSI)

FM Approval:

  • 600 PSI Rating

NSF/ANSI 61 (ANNEX G), NSF/ANSI 372 Approval:

  • Compliant to Prop65 standard
  • Obtained NSF61 Section 8 certificate through IAPMO

Compliance with California Lead Plumbing Law:

  • AB1953 and certified to ANSI/NSF372

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