Round Spout Drawer Magnet

MPI’s Round Spout Drawer Magnets are designed to remove medium and small size ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular, free-flowing product streams in round gravity-fed vertical chutes and spouts. MPI’s RSDM offers an easy and economical solution for protecting processing equipment and providing greater product purity. It is an ideal product for sifter and screener discharge spouts eliminating the need for mounting transitions or flanges.

  • Magnetic Tubes:
    • MPI round spout drawer magnets feature two tiers of high-intensity rare earth magnetic tubes that ensure the highest levels of magnetic filtration through direct product contact on the tubes, removing ferrous tramp metal from the product stream. Single tier designs are available for equipment protection applications.
    • Tubes are be bolted on or welded onto the drawer front
  • Easy Installation:
    • Designed to fit compactly into existing piping, the RSDM has 4 different mounting options for easy installation
  • Internal Drawer Supports:
    • Internal drawer supports support the tubes during production so they are not cantilevered into the product flow, preventing premature wear
  • Magnet Element Support:
    • For easy reinstallation of magnet element into line after cleaning, the support ledge provides proper alignment before refastening swing bolt latches
  • Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket:
    • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket
    • Sealing plate: ½” thick machined stainless plate
    • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed
    • Sanitary: Gasket can be removed and replaced for wash-down, no adhesive required
  • Download Datasheet


How the Round Spout Drawer Magnet Works:

The product stream flows through one or two tiers (depending on model selection) of 1” diameter magnetic tubes designed to create an extremely effective magnetic circuit. The two row units have magnetic tubes staggered to prevent bridging or choking of the product stream and maximize magnetic filtration as product flows through the housing. Tramp metal containments move to the underside of the magnetic tubes eliminating tramp metal “wash off.” The front door panel with magnetic tubes attached can be quickly unlatched, removed and cleaned outside the product flow area.

Round Spout Drawer Magnet Options:

  • Number of Tiers of Tubes:
    • 100 Series with 1 tier of tube
    • 200 Series with 2 tiers of tubes (standard)
  • Material Construction:
    • 304 Stainless Steel (standard)
    • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic Tubes [reference datasheet MT]:
    • Ceramic
    • REN Rare Earth (standard)
    • Hi-G high-performance Rare Earth
    • TW Thin Wall high-performance Rare Earth
  • Magnetic Material Temperature:
    • 400°F @ 3.5 MGO (ceramic)
    • 176°F @ 52+ MGOe (rare earth) (standard)
    • 248°F @ 48 MGO (rare earth)
    • 356°F @ 38 MGO (rare earth)
    • 662°F @ 30 MGO (rare earth)
  • Tube Coatings:
    • Stainless steel with no coating (standard)
    • Synergistic Coating [reference datasheet Synergistic Coating]
  • Gasket Material:
    • White silicon, FDA approved (standard)
    • Buna, FDA approved
    • Metal detectable blue silicon, FDA approved
  • Tube Installation:
    • Bolt to drawer front (standard)
    • Welded to drawer front
  • Inlet and Outlet Mounting Type:
    • 1/8” diameter sock bead (standard)
    • 2” compression mounting
    • Round flange with MPI standard bolt hole pattern
    • Tension ring (equivalent to Jacobs or Buhler integral flange)
  • Position Switch: For unit closed confirmation or safety interlock
    • Not included (standard)
    • Proximity switch for unit closed confirmation (MPI Standard model and mount)
    • Mechanical safety switch for unit closed confirmation and safety (MPI standard model and mount)
    • Switch mounting bracket only (customer supplied switch)
    • Customer specified model