Remote Control Panel Boards

PL is remote control panel boards. This accessory is being used in conjunction with the PA – Air Pilot to regulate steam pressure. There are 3 different options as PL1, PL2, and PL3. Supply Air is fed directly through the panel board to the air pilot. Minimum of 5 PSIG air supply pressure is REQUIRED.

The PL1 is made up of an air pressure regulator with adjustment knob and pressure gauge that measures the amount of air pressure going to the pilot (air signal). Steam pressure of the system is controlled by adjusting the air pressure regulator.


The PL2 is the same as the PL1 with the addition of an extra air pressure gauge for measuring the air supply pressure to the control panel board.PL3
The PL3 is the same as the PL2 with the addition of a Steam Pressure Gauge for measuring steam pressure on the outlet side of the regulating valve.


The Remote Control Panel Boards are being used in conjunction with the PA-Air Pilot to regulate steam pressure. A small air regulator on the panel board can be adjusted to control the air pressure to the pilot. One gauge on the panel board measures air line pressure to the panel board and the other gauge shows the air pressure being sent to the pilot. Steam pressure at the outlet of the regulator is controlled by the air pressure signal to the pilot. Depending on the air pilot model chosen (PA1, PA4, PA6), there will be a 1:1, 4:1, or 6:1 ratio of outlet steam pressure to air pressure.