Orifice Plates

The Series OP Orifice Plate with its drilled orifice pattern is installed after the pressure regulating valve to smooth out turbulence caused by the pressure drop across the regulator. Typical noise reduction levels of 5-10 dBA; higher possible. Manufactured from SA-105 Carbon Steel, 304 SST, or 316 SST.


Selection: Series OP orifice plates are custom engineered to maximize noise attenuation and reduce dbA to the lowest achievable value. The number and diameter of holes will be determined based on application conditions. The plate diameter will typically be equal to the recommended downstream pipe size.

Therefore, the following information is required for selection:

  • Inlet (Supply) Pressure to the HD/HSP Regulator*
  • Outlet (Downstream) Pressure of the HD/HSP Regulator*
  • Steam Flow Rate (lb/hr)