Quick-Clean Suspended Electromagnet

MPI’s Quick-Clean Suspended Electromagnets are designed to remove both large and small types of tramp metal from product streams conveyed by vibratory bed or belts with speeds up to 250 feet per minute.

The powerful oil-cooled electromagnets are designed to remove large and medium tramp metal from conveyed product with large burden depths.

  • Extremely powerful magnetic design: Manufactured with a high gradient balanced magnetic circuit
  • Coils manufactured with Class “H” (or better) anodized aluminum strap for the “best in class” coil insulation performance
  • Breather valve to allow expansion and contraction without using an external expansion tank
  • Durable Nomex and Glastic materials to extend coil life
  • Heavy-duty impact plate
  • 4 point suspension
  • Insulated copper coils
  • Download Datasheet


How Quick-Clean Suspended Electromagnet Works:

Quick-Clean Suspended Electromagnets are a powerful oil-cooled electromagnetic plate magnet, suspended over conveyed product streams. The magnet should be located in an area on the production line that allows easy access for proper maintenance of the magnet and it should be operated in an area where no integral parts of the conveying system can become magnetized; such as idler rollers, pulleys or belt support plates.


  • Self-cleaning models
  • Nonflammable coolant
  • Heavy-duty DC power supply