Q Box


The Q-Box is designed for plants that are at risk of dust explosions, that is, where there are filters, elevators, silos or other equipment with low rigidity and large explosion venting areas, handling dust with KSt Values up to 200 barm/s.

The Q-Box guarantees safe explosion venting in working areas. Like the Q-Rohr®, the flames are instantly quenched inside the Q-Box by efficient cooling

Flexible use of the Q-Box permits process-efficient plant design.
Reduces noise levels.
Maximum protection of the surrounding area. Neither heat, dusts nor a dangerous pressure wave emerge from the vessel – everything stays in the Q-Box.
Cost-effective alternative to venting ducts: No running costs for venting ducts and external maintenance, a visual inspection is sufficient.
Integrated signaling unit for reliable monitoring.
Flexible solution for indoor and outdoor use.
Simple retrofitting to existing explosion vent installations.